Brits pack £20bn of gadgets for high-tech holidays - poll finds

Brits pack £20bn of gadgets for high-tech holidays - poll finds
British holidaymakers pack an astonishing £20.2 billion worth of gadgets when they head off on their travels, new research from RAC Travel Insurance reveals.

According to the poll, a good book and a bottle of sun-tan lotion are no longer enough for the average vacationer, who now takes an average of 3.2 gadgets away with them too.

And for 8% of us, our tech is so important that we’ll ensure we pack the likes of our phones and tablets before even starting to think about our underwear.

Overall, the findings suggest that Britons take a total of 121.4 million gadgets with them each year on their holidays, which also includes devices like cameras, book readers and MP3 players.

Family holidays appear the most tech-heavy, with the gadget count in suitcases and hand luggage rising to six items or more for 58% of holidaymakers, and to a whopping 12 for 5%.

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Meanwhile, more than half of Brits (53%) will pack a minimum of two devices individually, rising to more than four for 38% of people and as many as six for 6%.

Nearly a third - 31% - of the 1,216 participants in the survey admit their personal haul of holiday tech is typically worth between £200 and £500.

The figures also show that 13% of those surveyed would be hit harder by the loss of their smartphone than by the loss of their passport.

But the findings indicate that one in 10 holidaymakers end up losing or breaking their device while away on their travels. Of these, 29% dropped it or cracked the screen, 26% had it stolen, 23% damaged it with water and 20% lost it.

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RAC Travel Insurance spokesman Simon Williams said: “For many holidaymakers electronic devices have become an extension of themselves to the point where some people almost feel naked without their mobile phones, and not being able to browse the internet and answer emails from the convenience of a tablet can give some anxiety attacks. The 13% who admit to being more worried about losing their phone than their passport would no doubt fall into this category.

“Despite the strength of this attachment for gadgets we found two-thirds (66%) of people on holidays don’t take advantage of hotel safes and a brave, or perhaps misguided, 8% say they leave their devices in an unattended bag on the beach while they go in the sea for a dip.”

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