Brits break rules driving abroad

Brits break rules driving abroad

More than 50% of UK drivers have committed a driving offence while travelling in continental Europe, a survey by Opinium has found.

More than 1,000 Britons who have been behind the wheel while in Europe were surveyed. Of these, 53% committed at least one traffic violation while driving and 29% of this majority figure admitted to committing three or more violations. One of every 10 drivers polled (11%) said the police had pulled them over while they were driving in continental Europe.

The top five Euro driving violations:

Exceeding the speed limit - 31%;Driving without enough petrol - 18%; Driving with a sat-nav speed camera alert device - 14%; Driving inebriated - 9%;Police stop the driver for speeding - 6%

Men commit the most offences when driving abroad, with 59% violating the rules compared to 41% of women motorists. All travellers planning a European driving trip should take out  European breakdown cover before they leave home.

When asked if driving in Europe was more enjoyable than driving in the UK, only 20% said it was more pleasant. And 23% of women drivers said driving on the right side of the road was hard. One in 10 female drivers said they'd never get behind the wheel again in Europe.

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