Britons 'put off important tasks'

A new poll for Kwik-Fit has found that nearly three out of four Britons have postponed a major task in the past half year, with the need to save cash and a lack of time (both 28%) being the top reasons cited for doing so.

Of those surveyed, one in three (33%) said they put off going to a doctor or dentist, while 14% delayed getting their car fixed to a later date.

A DIY job was delayed by 29% of respondents, while 28% postponed taking up a new exercise regime (28%).

Other key tasks postponed by Britons include doing their filing (21%), carrying out repairs on home (17%) and calling parents or children (8%).

While nearly a fifth of respondents said they delayed the work as they had too many things to do, 18% said they did not consider the job to be important.

A lack of confidence to perform the task was cited by nearly a tenth (9%) of those questioned.

David White, customer services director ofKwik-Fit, said: "Those jobs that could be hiding something more serious are often the easiest to postpone, but ignorance is not always bliss.

"For those who are going to be setting out in the car on their summer holidays, those neglected jobs could turn a relaxing break into a stressful and expensive time."

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