Britons choosing cars over planes

In a bid to avoid the hassles that come with airports, holidaymakers have been turning to car-touring trips despite the recent petrol price hikes.

Nearly half of all British holidaymakers (46%) are planning to spend at least one of their excursions in the UK this year, a survey has shown.

And as finances become tight due to the turbulent economy, as many as 75% said they intend to use their car for trips within the UK and Europe in order to cut costs or avoid travel stress.

The green option also featured, with 5% saying they are considering a UK break for environmental reasons, though this is down from 17% last year.

The survey of almost 2,000 people said those from the West Country area are most likely to opt for a holiday in the UK (57%);

More Londoners than anyone else (33%) said they would find driving holidays a less stressful way of travel.

And Wales had they highest proportion of people who said they would go on driving holidays because they find it cheaper than going further afield (32%).

The South came out the greenest, with 9% likely to go on a driving holiday because they are concerned about the huge carbon footprint involved with flying.

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