Britons admit to motoring offences

Many drivers in Britain have admitted to being lawbreakers, confessing to motoring offences including drink-driving and using mobile phones at the wheel.

According to a study of 3,000 people, as many as 40% said they are happy to break the law by using a mobile phone while driving.

The survey - commissioned by crime drama channel Alibi - asked people if they ever committed a crime, how often and how prepared they are to do so again.

Fourteen per cent of those polled confessed to drink-driving, with 28% of them having done so five times or more. Also, some six per cent said they did not know that it is illegal to drink and drive.

Meanwhile, nearly four in 10 (36%) admitted to parking illegally, the study added.

Alibi's channel head Steve Hornsey said: "These shocking statistics show that even with the best intentions many people cross the line in breaking the law."

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