British symbol for UK licences

British symbol for UK licences

Prime Minister David Cameron has pleased patriotic motorists by announcing that new UK driving licences will bear a British symbol next to the EU flag.

For the past 17 years licences have only carried the blue and gold European Union flag, but when the new-style microchipped ones are launched in 2015 they will also feature a British symbol.

The exact design has yet to be finalised but it could incorporate the Union flag and/or Royal crest.

The Prime Minister said having licences which only featured the EU flag was the sort of interference from Brussels which "infuriated" Britons.

All UK motorists are set to have the new-style licences by 2025, with their microchips including information that can be updated so changes such as an address alteration won't necessitate a new one being issued.

Aides to Mr Cameron said although the then Conservative government planned to include a UK symbol when the first EU licences were negotiated in 1996, the Labour administration did not insist on it when they were introduced two years later.

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