British help French traffic police

The high number of UK motorists speeding in France has prompted British police to cross the Channel to work with their French counterparts.

Recent bad driving news from the Continent includes four deaths and 13 injuries on motorways in Calais caused by speeding drivers, many doing more than 120mph.

Three officers from Kent Police travelled to France to work with the Gendarmerie Nationale's traffic section in what is seen as a road safety first.

French police checked drivers at motorway tolls and service areas south of Calais, while Kent officers observed as motorists had their driving documents examined.

Checks ensured motorists had high-visibility vests and a hazard warning triangle, which are now compulsory in France. Two hundred vests were handed out to those who did not have one.

Chief Inspector Roscoe Walford, of Kent Police's road policing unit, said: "We worked alongside the Gendarmerie to give and receive road safety advice, learn good practice, help with language difficulties and observe French procedures.

"We work closely and collaboratively with our French colleagues in relation to serious and organised crime and this cross-border road safety operation is a natural next step in that process."

Kent Police will host officers from the Gendarmerie Nationale in a similar operation in September.