British countryside trumps Beckham

A billboard advert of David Beckham in his underwear has been beaten hands down by the British countryside in a poll on the most distracting things for motorists.

The survey found that people ranked sites such as the Yorkshire Moors well above the star, who was even ranked as less distracting than shop window displays.

Elsewhere, two-thirds of men said that the opposite sex was the greatest distraction - a view shared by just 3% of women.

The most distracting things were: attractive women; Stonehenge (and other heritage sites); the Yorkshire Dales (and other scenic views); flocks of birds; the Angel of the North (and other art installations); Ferraris and other supercars; shop window displays; attractive men; the David Beckham advert for Armani; and Roadside graffiti.

A spokesman for Zurich Connect, which commissioned the study, said: "Surprisingly, the Yorkshire Dales beat David Beckham's pants hands down as roadside eye candy.

"We can only conclude that drivers passing through stunning landscapes need to be especially vigilant if they want to avoid becoming part of the scenery."

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