British and Irish 'safest drivers'

Drivers in Britain and Ireland are the least likely in Europe to commit driving offences, according to a Europe-wide poll.

A total of 8,000 drivers in Britain, Ireland, Spain, Switzerland, Belgium, Italy, France, Germany, Portugal and Luxembourg were surveyed by insurance company AXA, to find out which country was the most law-abiding.

The results showed that British drivers were the least likely to drink and drive or to use mobile phones while driving.

Only 3% of Irish drivers and 4% of the British admitted to driving after drinking alcohol, while a huge 40% in Luxembourg admitted to the offence.

In addition, while 37% of Italians admitted to driving without a seatbelt, only 9% of the British drivers said this was a habit of theirs.

Overall, looking at a total of 11 possible offences, Irish drivers came out on top, followed by the British, with Spain and France taking third and fourth place respectively.

However, British drivers did have some flaws. The survey showed that they committed more offences of driving without taking a break and 'undertaking' than others in Europe.

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