Britain's 'big freeze' easing out

Motorists can rejoice as Britain's 'big freeze' is showing signs of easing and hopes of restoring normalcy inÊtransport networks, power and food supplies are increasing.

Despite snow in many parts of the country, the situation is set to improve, as temperatures rose above 0C in most areas.

The weather was reported to be milder on Sunday, with lighter snowfalls seen during the day. 

Councils that faced shortages of grit to clear the snow on roads heaved a sigh of relief amid the slight improvement in weather.

Chemicals firm Ineos provided 12,000 extra tonnes of de-icing salt, which was being delivered by a fleet of 100 lorries from the firm's depot in Runcorn, Cheshire, to some of the worst-hit areas including Pembrokeshire in Wales, East Yorkshire, Fife, Gloucestershire, Bradford and Sheffield.

The load was originally meant for Wilhelmshaven in Germany, but due to the weather and higher demand from local authorities, it was diverted for use in the UK.

David Grunwell from the Highways Agency said: "It is currently raining in Manchester... and it hasn't done that for about three weeks.

"But we are hoping that slightly milder conditions over the next few days will give us some respite in respect of salting the roads."

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