Britain still too wet, say tourists

Overseas visitors are still hesitant about visiting Britain because they believe it is too wet and foggy, a survey has revealed.

The worldwide poll by VisitBritain showed that only 6% disagreed that the country was "always wet and foggy".

Around 14% of the 1,000 potential tourists from 36 countries completely agreed with the British weather description, while 35% agreed less strongly and 26% didn't have a view either way.

On a scale of one to seven, with one representing those who totally disagreed with the wet-and-foggy description and seven being those who totally agreed, the average score was 4.48.

When asked if they agreed with the statement: "I would not want to visit Britain because of the weather there", only 4% totally agreed and as many as 36% totally disagreed, with the average score on the one-to-seven scale being 2.76.

For the British traveller holidaying in the UK, an unexpected car issue is the only thing that could dampen their trip, with motorists preparing for long journeys by ensuring they have adequatebreakdown cover.

VisitBritain chief executive Sandie Dawe said: "This survey shows that Britain's weather is not as bad as folklore would have us believe.

"Our research also tells us that visitors from overseas come here to experience our world-class heritage and culture, be this Tate Liverpool, Edinburgh Castle, the British Museum or Stonehenge.

"Visitors do not come with a belief that should a few drops of rain fall then their trip will be ruined."

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