Britain set for white Christmas

Britons can look forward to a white Christmas with forecasters predicting more icy conditions in the UK this week and beyond.

After a brief lull, snow and plunging temperatures will return on Thursday, forecasters said, adding that winds from the Arctic heading towards Britain seem to be carrying rain and high winds which will bring heavy snow across the country in its wake.

Aisling Creevey, a forecaster with MeteoGroup, the weather division of the Press Association, said: "We've had a little bit of a reprieve over the last few days - pretty much everywhere is at risk from snow and icy conditions as the temperature drops on Thursday.

"And temperatures could be down to minus 10C in Scotland and to minus 4C and minus 5C across the country overnight on Friday."

MeteoGroup has predicted temperatures will drop to between minus 3C and minus 6C on Thursday and expects a widespread frost and snow to follow.

David Price, a forecaster for the Met Office, expected 5cm-10cm of snow to cover much of the country over the coming weekend, with some areas in Scotland likely to face up to 20cm.

Jonathan Powell, a forecaster with Positive Weather Solutions, said: "Our models are showing we will see a white Christmas. The most likely places to have one are Scotland, north-east England, the east coast, the South East and London. It's going to happen."

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