Brit drivers prefer roads across the Channel

Brit drivers prefer roads across the Channel
As thousands of British drivers prepare to head to Europe this summer, research reveals that the smooth, open roads found on the other side of the Channel are much more appealing than the UK’s congested motorways.

A survey conducted by RAC European Breakdown found that two-thirds of drivers think motorways and major roads in Continental Europe are in better condition than in the UK.

A similar number (64%) think traffic congestion is not as bad overseas, while 61% of people polled believe local roads in France, Germany and Spain are maintained to a higher standard.

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But the Brits’ love of driving abroad is about more than the quality and quietness of the roads. . Almost half (45%) think speed limits on local roads are more appropriate than in the UK, while 42% prefer the motorway service areas in Europe.

However, reassuringly, the survey highlighted that there is little difference between driving standards and how helpful and courteous native drivers are in the UK and the rest of Europe.

When it comes to petrol prices, half of respondents thought fuel was cheaper on the continent. But while this is true for diesel, petrol is actually more expensive in 12 other EU countries including France, Germany and Belgium.

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RAC European Breakdown spokesman Rod Dennis said: “Our research paints a gloomy picture of the UK’s traffic-choked and potholed roads when compared to the smooth asphalt that can be found just across the English Channel.

“While it is perhaps a case of UK motorists looking through rose-tinted holiday glasses when they drive in France, Spain, Germany or the Netherlands, as the experience is such a marked contrast to the drudgery of driving on our heavily-congested roads, the general feeling is that the roads of continental Europe are better.”

He added that it’s hard for any driver to understand just why the UK appears to lag so far behind other countries in Europe.

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