Bright future for miles and pints

The future use of imperial units has been secured by the Government after it opted out of European legislation to use metric measures.

The legislation has been removed after the European Parliament agreed that pubs can continue to pour pints of beer and motorists can continue to drive for miles, rather than kilometres. The opt out has been granted indefinitely.

The European legislation would have seen measures change to a metric system, changing road distances to kilometres and beer and milk amounts to litres.

So long as metric equivalents are given alongside the imperial units on dual labels, the Government has secured the future for the pint, ounce and mile.

Skills secretary John Denham, whose department is responsible for weights and measures, said: "People in Britain like their pint and their mile. They should be able to use the measures they are most familiar with, and now they can be sure that they will continue to do so.

"We made strong arguments for the UK's right to carry on using pints and miles and maintaining dual metric and imperial labelling. I know how important this is to the British people and businesses."

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