Bridge toll 'should be scrapped'

A Cleethorpes Labour MP has called for the scrapping or lowering of the Humber Bridge tolls to help boost the local economy.

Shona McIsaac said the £5.40 cost of a return journey over the bridge was deterring people from applying for jobs over the river and putting businesses at a disadvantage as freight traffic pays a higher price.

A single journey for cars is £2.70, while goods vehicles pay £18.30.

"People I know turn down jobs on the other side of the river because they do their sums and think: 'Well, that's over £1,000 a year in tolls'," Ms McIsaac told MPs at a Commons debate before the Easter recess.

"So that whole area on the north bank of the river, to many of my constituents, may as well not exist. That is why in this economic climate it is vital to see if something can be done to give a stimulus to economic growth in that part of the country," she continued.

"The Government has said it will do all it can to help British businesses through the economic downturn and I do think that this would be an excellent way to give a boost to my part of the country."

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