Bridge closure causes 11-mile tailback

Bridge closure causes 11-mile tailback

The closure of the Forth Road Bridge in Queensferry is causing misery for motorists.

People have reported 11-mile tailbacks on alternative routes as engineers fix steelwork defects that were spotted on December 1.

The southbound carriageway has been shut since the initial discovery, while the total closure of the bridge was announced two days later after a further eight sections were found to have similar problems.

It is unclear when the bridge, which connects Edinburgh to Fife, will reopen. MSP transport minister Derek Mackay says he does not want to give a timescale only to change it within a few hours.

He hopes to be able to give motorists a definitive answer as soon as possible, potentially later today.

One thing that is for certain, though, is that the bridge will not reopen until tomorrow at the earliest.

Engineers are toying with the possibility of putting a temporary fix in place before longer term repairs can be undertaken.

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