Bridge barriers to ease congestion

A new barrier protection system is to be installed on bridges along the M6 motorway to protect drivers and rail users, while preventing long delays on the roads.

An installation on Rose Whittle Bridge, near junction 28 of the M6 at Leyland, is the first of its kind that uses barriers to protect bridges.

The Delta Bloc System, which is part of a £3.2 million overhaul of Rose Whittle Bridge, is designed to prevent vehicles hitting bridges and minimise the impact of bridge strikes, which often cause long delays as engineers need to check for damage before re-opening roads or railway lines.

Work on the bridge, which carries traffic over the West Coast Main Line, began in October, but it is expected to be completed later this month.

The temporary concrete barriers that had been placed around the bridge have now been removed and replaced with the permanent Delta Bloc barriers DB 100AS-R.

The barriers are precast concrete barriers that are joined together by connectors, which add extra strength.

New road surfacing will also be added to every lane over 500m in both directions.

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