Brake system 'sees around corners'

Brake system 'sees around corners'

Ford has developed an "early warning" system that lets motorists know when vehicles around the corner are braking.

The technology, which was tested on a fleet of 120 vehicles in Germany, uses "car to car" communication to enable vehicles to "speak" to one another.

The system works by attaching a miniature screen onto the dashboard, similar in size to that of a portable Sat-Nav device.

When the car is hooked up to the network, a red warning light will flash on the screen if another vehicle on the same network hits the brakes.

The warning works if the car is around the corner or several vehicles ahead in a queue of traffic.

Car makers are working together to promote the technology, which could also be used to warn motorists if a vehicle has broken down in the road ahead, keeping them safe until theirbreakdown cover provider or the police arrive.

Paul Mascarenas, Ford's chief technical officer, said: "Car-to-car and car-to-infrastructure communications represent one of the next major advancements in vehicle safety."

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