Brake in dangerous driving warning

Some 30% of convicted dangerous drivers are under 21 and 95% of them are male, new data have revealed.

Gender and age are huge factors in the safety of our children on Britain's roads, revealed the study.

Somewhere in the world someone dies in a road accident every 30 seconds, according to research from road safety charity Brake, highlighting the importance of getting the right car insurance protection.

The report was issued to publicise a conference on the subject of youth, gender and road risk.

The event - to consider ways of reducing the number of young males drivers involved in road accidents - will be part of the ninth Road Safety Forum International Congress at the Royal College of Surgeons at Lincoln's Inn Fields, central London, on June 9.

Brake spokeswoman Caroline Perry said the conference will be attended by more than 100 road safety professionals from around the world.

It will be addressed by expert road safety campaigners including Dr Carol Holland, senior lecturer in psychology, Aston University, and Dr Fiona Fylan, chartered health psychologist, Brainbox Research.

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