Boy racers 'most disliked on road'

Boy racers 'most disliked on road'

Boy racers and drivers who do not acknowledge acts of courtesy have topped the poll of motorists' pet hates on the road.

With 42% regarding them as an irritant, boy racers are the most disliked. They are followed by drivers who do not say thank you when others allow them to file into traffic - disliked by 41%, according to a Populus poll of nearly 15,000 drivers.

And while boy racers were most disliked in Wales and Northern Ireland, drivers who did not say thank you were most disliked in south-west England and the East Midlands.

The survey further revealed that road users are also annoyed by drivers who show off, those who listen to loud music with the windows open and "white van men".

Among others who made it to the top 10 list of motorists' pet hates were Sunday drivers and school-run mothers.

Slogans such as "baby on board" were annoying to some 5% of those surveyed.

Autocar editor Chas Haslett said: "Personal transport is hugely important to all of us but we need to make our roads better and safer places to be.

"Being nicer to other drivers and acknowledging their existence calms everyone down, and that's got to be good for everyone."

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