Boris plans more parking spaces

Boris plans more parking spaces

London could get more than 10,000 extra parking spaces per year if Boris Johnson moves forward with plans to increase the amount on offer in residential developments.

The Mayor of London has issued planning guidance to councils in London to raise the maximum car parking that can be allocated for dwellings of three bedrooms or more.

Car ownership in the capital actually hit is peak 23 years ago and has been in decline ever since.

Forty per cent of homes have access to a car within inner London, rising to just over half across Greater London. The use of cars has been in decline by about 13% since the turn of the millennium, while car ownership on the whole has been on a journey of decline since 2005.

But London assembly member Darren Johnson said: "The last thing London needs is an extra 10,000 cars a year.

"It makes no sense to encourage car ownership by increasing residential parking when London's population is growing so rapidly. London is only going to avoid grid lock if we build public transport into its DNA and that starts with all the new developments that we are cramming into our already busy city.

"The Mayor should be encouraging councils to build more car free developments, near to public transport, with increased space for bike storage.

"Increased car parking is another backwards step by a Mayor who has prioritised car travel, under-invested in cycling and brought an end to the rapid expansion of the bus network."

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