Boot full is not a pretty site

Woman tend to muck out their cars in the course of a spring clean - like the one who found a kettle, sandwich maker and two vacuum cleaners nestling in the boot.

Men, on the other hand - namely the one with a stag`s head complete with antlers on the back shelf - do it to lose weight and thus save fuel.

According to a Department for Transport survey, a tenth of those polled could not remember the last time they cleared out their vehicle.

Which may explain the 13ft trampoline, hundreds of bags of mint sweets and two-year-old unopened Christmas presents listed among the clutter.

Tim Anderson, of the Energy Saving Trust, said: "We can all lighten our load to avoid emitting unnecessary carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

"A quick spring clean of your boot will make your car lighter, meaning you need less fuel, saving you money and CO2 emissions."

Transport minister Lord Adonis said: "Passenger cars alone make up over half of the UK's carbon emissions from transport. As part of the ACT ON CO2 campaign, we are encouraging drivers to clear out their boot as the first step to smarter driving."

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