Book marks VW Golf's 40th birthday

Book marks VW Golf's 40th birthday

The Volkswagen Golf is 40 years old this month and a new commemorative book tells the story of its life as 'the second people's car' after the Beetle.

Russell Hayes has penned The Volkswagen Golf Story: 40 Years of the Second People's Car, which reveals its impressive history in more detail than ever before.

Complete with more than 300 images and brimming with original information, Hayes' research highlights the Golf's continued appeal for motorists all around the world and explains how it developed into a veritable automotive legend.

He reveals how Volkswagen bet everything on the Golf after years of making its equally iconic Beetle.

Although it certainly wasn't the first hatchback with front-wheel-drive, the Golf went on to become the benchmark for the sector.

The book looks at all seven generations of the Golf and its GTI, cabriolet and diesel versions and features interviews with important VW staff members of the past and the present.

It also examines how the Golf has performed in the motorsport arena, as well as the future of its electric and hybrid models.

Produced by fledgling publisher Behemoth, the £40 book is available from online retailers and bookshops from Wednesday.

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