BMWs 'produce most power' for CO2

BMWs 'produce most power' for CO2

The brand of motor car which produces the most power for a given output of carbon dioxide (CO2) has emerged as BMW.

Munich-based BMW beat its German rivals Audi and Mercedes, winning with a figure of 0.74g of CO2 produced per kilometre (km) per brake horsepower (bhp), according to the calculations of

Premium manufacturers Mercedes and Audi came second and third respectively, with 0.81g/km/bhp and 0.83g/km/bhp.

The results show that large investments by the three motor manufacturing industry giants can make significant changes to their ranges.

Having created super-efficient yet powerful diesel engines, all three brands, which often use larger-capacity powerplants, are moving ahead of specialist supermini makers.

A spokesperson for said: "Buyers need to check carefully which engine to go for, even within the same model range."

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