BMW recalls 1.3m cars worldwide

German luxury car giant BMW has announced it is recalling more than 100,000 cars across Britain.

BMW, which is recalling 1.3 million 5 Series and 6 Series cars worldwide, said both tests and customer complaints led it to discover a potential problem with a battery cable cover.

Commenting on the issue, a BMW spokesman said: "In rare cases this could result in owners not being able to start their vehicle.

In extremely rare cases the electrical system could malfunction, leading to a scorching of the boot floor and a fire may result.

"Owners of affected cars will be contacted in the coming weeks and asked to arrange a visit to their dealer.

Any concerned owners should contact the BMW customer service number on 0800 325600."

The recall brings a timely reminder that cars of any age and style can face unexpected issues, and breakdown cover is a vital component of safe car ownership.

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