BMW owners regarded worst drivers

Motorists fear a BMW on the road despite its position as a status car, a poll has found.

Used-car website found that BMW owners are regarded the worst drivers, with a lack of concentration and unawareness of others regarded their biggest faults.

Rudeness and aggression as well as a tendency for road rage are other characteristics linked to BMW owners. They are also often seen to be culprits for driving too close to the vehicle in front.

Ford and Volvo drivers followed in the worst motorists list.

The poll of more than 1,000 people also showed that van drivers and young motorists are considered bad road users.

Taxi drivers, old people and mothers on the school run came next in this category.

Motorists in London topped the worst drivers by region category, followed by those in south-east England and the West Midlands. group marketing manager Rob Queen said: "BMW drivers unfortunately are left tarnished with the same brush, due to a minority of bad drivers."

He urged BMW drivers to improve their driving etiquette, saying: "Just saying thanks for being let through a space by another driver will score several brownie points and takes no effort at all."

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