BMW i rolls out green chargers

BMW i rolls out green chargers

BMW i drivers will soon be able to charge their vehicles from home using green electricity thanks to a new partnership between the German car maker and Good Energy Ltd.

It means all BMW i3 and BMW i8 owners - apart from those in Northern Ireland - will be able to charge their vehicle using renewable electricity, with Good Energy the only energy supplier in the UK to promise it will source all its electricity from certified renewables across Britain.

BMW customers who are keen to be as green as possible may be excited by the move, which comes as part of the company's wider stated objective to deliver true low-carbon motoring.

As part of the link-up, Good Energy will work with BMW on the further development of custom-made green electricity tariffs for electric vehicles.

The aim of this is to account for the UK's supply and demand, as well as typical charging activity, in order to maximise the benefits electric vehicles bring to the national CO2 footprint.

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