BMW ad banned over emissions claim

The advertising watchdog has banned another BMW ad for "misleading" claims over CO2 emissions.

The print advert for Concept ActiveE, which the company said was the first BMW car to be "powered purely by electricity", featured a headline claim of "0% emissions".

It further read: "Thanks to its electrifying performance and zero CO2 emissions when driving, the ActiveE redefines BMW EfficientDynamics."

A reader complained to the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) saying the car would run on power from the National Grid, which means there would be emissions.

BMW defended the ad saying the phrase "zero CO2 emissions when driving" clarified that the claim was not about the car being zero carbon across its life cycle.

However, the ASA upheld the complaint, saying: "We considered that the inclusion of the phrase 'when driving' was contradictory to the overall zero emission claim and the impression that the car's use would not result in the production of emissions.

"We therefore concluded that the claims '0% emissions' and 'zero CO2 emissions when driving' were likely to mislead."

Last week, the ASA had rapped BMW on claims of low CO2 emissions in its latest Z4 Roadster model.

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