Blue badge abusers face clampdown

Blue badge abusers face clampdown

Car users who abuse blue badges in Scotland will risk losing them from later this month, ministers have announced.

The badges help disabled people to park their vehicles in spaces which are usually nearer to shops, workplaces, or various community services.

The scheme helps people with restricted mobility to live their lives more fully.

But the badges are open to abuse and, wrongly used, they can reduce the amount of bays for those who really need them.

Scottish councils will now be empowered to take away the badges if they find that third parties are using them unlawfully, or if they are found to be invalid.

Scotland is home to 228,000 bona fide badge users at present.

Derek Mackay, the country's Transport Minister, called badge misuse "socially unacceptable".

Mr Mackay said the new clampdown will help local authorities free up spaces in which genuine users can park.

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