Blitz on texting while driving

A new government campaign has been launched to highlight the dangers of texting while driving after figures revealed that one in three young motorists text at the wheel.

The THINK! campaign, launched by road safety minister Jim Fitzpatrick, will include a new radio advert that is particularly targeted at young drivers. It will feature a driver's voice spelling out a text message followed by the sound of a car crash.

Around 12% of all drivers admit to texting while driving, despite figures showing that 93% believe it is unacceptable and dangerous.

Other measures forming part of the initiative include an online driving game which shows how a driver is distracted when using a mobile phone at the wheel.

An old television advert will also be reintroduced to remind people to "kill the conversation" as soon as they realise that someone is driving while on the phone.

Jim Fitzpatrick said that texting while driving means motorists cannot be giving the road their full attention.

He warned that drivers are needlessly risking their own life and the lives of others by mixing mobile phones and driving.

"Our message to all drivers is simple: Don't use your mobile phone when you're driving," he added.

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