Blitz on driving offences in Europe

British drivers will no longer be able to get away with certain motoring offences in other European countries after a ruling by the European Parliament.

The primary focus of the new regulations are those four offences most responsible for road deaths: speeding; drink-driving; not wearing a seatbelt; and running a red light.

As things stood, motorists committing these offences abroad often avoided paying the penalty because of the difficulties of follow-up and enforcement.

But the new proposals will create an electronic system to exchange information between member states so that any offence can be treated similarly to one committed at home.

The notification should specify the amount of the fine, how and when it must be paid, and how to contest and appeal it. If drivers refuse to pay they will be dealt with by British authorities.

The European Commission was asked to submit a follow-up proposal in two year`s time on whether the new regulations might be extended to other road traffic offences.

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