Black widow spiders found in car

Two black widow spiders found in a car imported from the USA have been given a new home at Bristol Zoo.

The pair had been nesting inside a 1964 Ford Falcon, which was imported into the UK last January, but were only discovered when restoration work started last week.

Mechanics at Bicester-based firm Damax found the first under the fuel tank and the second behind the dashboard.

After using the internet to confirm the arachnids' identity, they then set about trying to find a new home for them.

Manager Robin Ward said he although he was not scared of spiders, he had quite a shock when he discovered the pair were black widows.

"We brought the car over in January and it had been stored in a garage until last week when our mechanic started getting it ready to work on.

"We found the first spider tucked under the fuel tank and carefully put it in a plastic container and looked on the internet to try and identify it.

"We would have never found either of the spiders had we not completely stripped the car but we've finished it now and are 100% certain that there are no more."

The 1.5in-long (3.8cm) spiders have now been donated to Bristol Zoo.

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