Black cars 'most impressive colour'

Black-coloured cars are the most impressive, a survey has found, while bolder colours such as yellow and green are a turn-off.

In a poll of 2,351 people, Auto Trader found that 49% of drivers thought having a black car would impress their neighbours, as it looks more expensive.

But at the other end of the scale, green, yellow and purple cars were less popular, with only 3% in total saying they thought cars in these colours looked pricey.

The survey also found that the key accessory for making a car look expensive was leather seats, with 67% of the vote. Meanwhile, only 15% thought personalised number plates were impressive.

The worst feature on a car was high mileage, with 40% saying they thought it knocked value off their vehicles. Some 40% said they would be tempted to sell their car if they found it was worth more than they expected, and 5.5% would upgrade their car if they thought their neighbour's was worth more.

Young drivers had their own agenda for what made their cars look expensive, with 63% of under 24s saying blue-tinted Xenon headlamps were the key accessory.

Auto Trader marketing director Matt Thompson said: "Whether consumers are looking to take advantage of extended scrappage schemes, or simply just want to keep up with their neighbours, there's never been a better time to think about selling a car.

"A lot of families in the UK could be sitting on a nest egg they don't know about."

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