Birds shun green cars, study shows

Green-coloured cars are the least attractive for birds seeking the ideal spot to relieve themselves, new research has revealed.

The study showed that vehicles of a green hue are less likely to suffer bird droppings than cars of any other colour.

Overall, 89% of motorists have been on the receiving end of a "bird strike" in the last 12 months, with drivers spending a total of nearly £57 million a year cleaning up their vehicles, the survey found.

Just 86% of drivers with green-coloured cars have suffered bird droppings, compared with 92% of those with silver cars. Meanwhile, 36% of owners of green cars are hit once a fortnight or more, compared with 49% of drivers with silver-coloured vehicles.

South west England is the worst area for bird strikes, with 95% of motorists there suffering in the last 12 months. Yorkshire is the area least likely to see bird droppings on cars, with only 82% of motorists in the region reporting it as a problem.

The worst time for bird droppings is the period from mid-March to the end of August, which is breeding time for large populations of pigeons and seagulls that make their homes in trees close to where cars are parked.

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