Bikers' protests to cause `mayhem`

Hundreds of motorcyclists are planning to "lay siege" in London in protest over parking charges.

Members of the "No to Bike Parking Fees" group are expected to conduct a "go-slow" through Whitehall, Park Lane, Oxford Street and Regent Street before massing in Piccadilly Circus.

The group hopes to cause "massive disruption, chaos, congestion and misery in Westminster" during rush hour.

The protest is in response to a Westminster Council trial of a £1.50 a day charge across the borough, parking had previously been free.

But London business leaders have condemned the plans saying it will cause mayhem and could cost traders millions of pounds.

Richard Dickinson, chief executive of New West End Company, said: "Two hundred million people shop in the West End each year, 200,000 work here and 40,000 residents live here. Disrupting the West End harms all of London and cannot be justified under any circumstances."

Motorists are being advised to stay out of central London to avoid the "go-slow" which will bring "any four-wheel transport to a standstill".

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