Bikers challenge £1 parking fee

A legal challenge is being launched in the Royal Courts of Justice against Westminster City Council's £1-a-day motorcycle parking charge.

Over 50 supporters of the No To Bike Parking Tax campaign rode to the law courts in The Strand where its leaders were appealing to have the move declared unlawful.

The council's new rule was made under the 1984 Road Traffic Regulation Act and was introduced on a trial basis in 2008 before coming into full force in January this year.

Warren Djanogly, the chairman of the campaign group, claimed the orders are invalid because they do not provide any traffic management benefit.

The 47-year-old management consultant, who rides a Yamaha 1300 Midnight Star, said: "Westminster councillors are blatantly abusing the system to raise money, and we are going to expose them. No other council charges bikes to park in this way."

He said more than 700 people were contributing to raise the £70,000 required for the appeal, adding: "We have support from all over Europe. People everywhere are telling us we have got to stand up.

"We must not capitulate because every council round the country is desperate to bring in similar charges."

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