Biker-friendly barrier on UK road

A new kind of crash barrier aimed at reducing biker deaths on UK roads is being trialled in County Durham.

The Biker-Safe barriers, which are fitted to a corner section of the A689 at Killhope, have been specially-designed to absorb and disperse the energy of a fallen biker hitting them.

Such barriers have already been installed in parts of Europe and will be rolled out on more roads across the UK if the test is successful.

A Durham Police spokesman said: "Normal roadside barriers are designed to retain cars, vans and trucks, but in many instances can be deadly for motorcyclists who collide with them. Biker-Safe has been designed to address the problem.

"A containment mesh is fitted to the lower section of the barrier to absorb the energy of the rider during impact. This ensures they do not strike the barrier support upright, which is one of the main causes of serious or fatal injuries."

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