Biggest solar panel fitted to plant

Biggest solar panel fitted to plant

The biggest solar panel roof to date, boasting more than 21,000 solar cells, will provide electricity to power three tenths of its factory's requirements.

It has been completed and placed over the Engine Manufacturing Centre at South Staffordshire's Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) engine plant.

The panels will generate sufficient energy to power the equivalent of 1,800 homes, once they are at full capacity, and help to cut the car plant's carbon footprint by more than 2,400 tonnes annually.

The company plans an environmental corridor at the factory site to facilitate safe movement of wildlife around the nearby countryside, as well as facilities like habitat piles, dead wood stumps, insect houses and boxes.

Environmental innovation lies at the centre of the company's business, says the centre's operations director Trevor Leeks, who added that JLR is the first manufacturer to win the Responsible Business of the Year accolade.

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