Bigger residential garages mooted

A council has come to the aid of drivers who struggle to squeeze their cars into standard-sized garages favoured by modern developers.

Essex County Council has proposed that only those measuring 23ft (7m) by 10ft (3m) be considered as an adequate parking space compared with the recommended 16ft (5m) by 8ft (2.5m).

The latter was originally adopted as part of a Government bid to cut car ownership by reducing off-street parking and garage sizes in residential developments.

But the council says that because this has led to more residents parking in the road, as well as safety problems and inconvenience, it should be reconsidered.

Says spokesman Norman Hume: "This new parking guidance is a radical break from the past failed approach, which has seen local communities blighted by parked cars which should and can be better accommodated into neighbourhoods.

"This consultation shows how we are challenging the failures of national policies affecting local communities here in Essex."

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