Big regional gap in trade-in values

Some southern-England motor dealers will offer up to £3,000 more for a trade-in vehicle than those in the North East, according to a new survey.

Prices for the 2005 Focus ranged from £7,000 at some south-east showrooms to as little as £4,000 in north-east England, according to

Overall - using prices for a 2005 model Ford Focus 1.6 - south-east England dealers offered an average of nearly £1,000 more than those in the North East.

Wales and eastern England were next best, while Scottish and West Midlands' dealers were the meanest after the North East.

Mat Watson, editor of, said: "With the current credit crunch the country is experiencing, dealers are keen for business, so knowing where to get a good deal for your old car is invaluable knowledge right now.

"It's often joked that Northerners are tight with their money, and the dealers from the South East have proved this."

These were the best deals region by region: South East £7,000, Wales £5,750, Eastern England £5,500, Yorkshire & Humberside £6,000, East Midlands £5,500, North West, South West £5,600, London £5,250, West Midlands £5,250, Scotland £5,625, North East £5,000.

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