Bid to cut child driveway deaths

A campaign to cut the number of children killed and injured by cars on driveways has been launched by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA).

It believes that as many youngsters are victims of driveway accidents as die in collisions while actually travelling in cars.

Said RoSPA spokesman Lindsey Simkins: "There have been a number of tragedies across the country in which young children have been killed after being struck by a vehicle on their own or a neighbour's driveway.

"This will enable us to understand how these types of incidents happen, and we will use the information to develop the best advice to help parents and carers keep young children safe."

The organisation will be surveying parents and grandparents about the driveway dangers to children aged up to seven, while also looking at the issue of children being left alone in vehicles.

It was moved to act after being approached by the parents of 17-month-old Iain Goodwill, who was killed by a car on the driveway of his home near Inverness in Scotland.

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