Bicycle hearse taken off the market

A tandem bicycle hearse that recently went on sale might soon be coming off the market after huge interest led its owner to have second thoughts.

The Reverend Paul Sinclair, a former Pentecostal minister and owner of a motorcycle hearse company, had planned to sell his most unorthodox hearse because he was too unfit to pedal it.

However, he has had such great interest in the machine since it went on sale he now plans to hire somebody to ride it for him.

The 45-year-old Scotsman runs Motorcycle Funerals in Measham, Leicestershire with his wife Marian.

hey offer a motorcycle and sidecar hearse option but Paul built a coffin-carrying bicycle at the request of cyclists who wanted it for funerals.

Paul said: "I wanted to sell it because I was struggling to ride it but I have had so much interest in it since I think what I should be doing is looking for someone fit enough to ride it for me."

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