Bentley's new Series 51 designs

Bentley has introduced a new range of Series 51 designs to its popular Continental Flying Spur and Flying Spur Speed vehicles.

The new designs will first be featured on the Continent GT and GTC designs and provide customers with the chance to choose from a range of 14 Series 51 designs, as recommended by Bentley's colour and trim staff.

Bentley colour and trim manager Melinda June-Jenkins said: "Each Series 51 Flying Spur is instantly recognisable - most notably in the cabin area - where the colour and trim team has created a wide selection of three-tone interiors demonstrating the full potential of the company's vast colour palette.

"One of the most exciting aspects of the Series 51 designs is the feedback from Bentley customers and their desire to explore further what we can offer. Series 51 provides just a starting point and now we are creating designs which make an even stronger and more personal statement."

A state-of-the-art 30GB touchscreen infotainment system is now included on all Continental Flying Spur and Supersports models as standard.

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