Bentley partners design firm Linley

Bentley has teamed up with renowned design firm Linley to create a limited edition series of Continental Flying Spurs for the Chinese market.

Only 10 examples of the specially-crafted Flying Spurs will be produced and will feature some of the most iconic design elements from Linley.

The traditional Bentley chestnut/walnut wood surfaces in the interior will be replaced by unique Linley veneers, while the car's rear console will be turned into a tailor-made humidor.

The distinctive theme of the Linley Helix Furniture Collection will feature throughout the décor.

The waist-rails and picnic table of the Bentley will have the Linley Helix motif set into them using marquetry inlay.

"It is a great honour to be working alongside such an esteemed British brand as Bentley," said the design firm's chairman David Linley. "Our two brands share a commitment to superlative craftsmanship and design."

He added: "I believe that the culmination of our efforts will result in a car that is utterly unique and reflective of the passion that both brands share for pushing boundaries of engineering and excellence."

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