Bellamy gets six-month driving ban

Bellamy gets six-month driving ban

Footballer Craig Bellamy might have to get a team-mate to take him to training after the Cardiff star was disqualified from driving.

Bellamy, a former captain of Wales, was banned from the roads for six months after totting up more than 12 points on his licence.

He passed the mark after receiving six points for failing to respond to a police notice of intended prosecution, which Liverpool Magistrates' Court heard was sent after his Audi was caught by a speed camera travelling at 64mph in a 50mph section of the M62 towards Liverpool.

Simon Leong, prosecuting, told the court a notice of intended prosecution was sent to his address but Bellamy, who was playing for Liverpool at the time, did not respond.

Bellamy, who did not attend the hearing, was also ordered to pay a £900 fine plus £400 costs after he admitted a charge that he failed to give a driver's identity as required under section 172 of the Road Traffic Act.

The player, 33, already had nine penalty points on his licence for three previous speeding offences and the six points relating to the new motoring charge took him over the threshold for disqualification.

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