Beckham Range Rover to be auctioned

Beckham Range Rover to be auctioned

An SUV formerly owned by David Beckham is going under the hammer next month.

It means that football fans and petrol-heads who want a piece of the star's history can bid at Classic Car Auction's (CCA) Warwickshire sale on December 5.

But they will have to find £25,000, which is the valuation placed on the Range Rover Sport.

Auctioneers think the supercharged V8 will attract interest not only because it was first owed by Beckham, but because he also helped to design it.

Kahn Conversions upgraded and personalised the vehicle to suit Becks for £100,000.

The 40-year-old ex-Manchester United and England footballer's former car has 62,000 miles under the bonnet and was built eight years ago.

Last year Beckham put a £75,000-valued BMW 6-Series up for sale , complete with in-car TV and heated seats.

The latest "Beckham-mobile" includes the star's logos on its floor mats and seats made of black-quilted leather.

There is even an inscribed plaque confirming that the vehicle had been designed for him.

Double rear screens are ideal if passengers wish to play on the PlayStation or view films. The vehicle boasts stylish alloy wheels with five black spokes.

The car's current owner is the only other one besides Beckham.

Beckham's original "DB1001" is no longer on the car - and experts think it will turn up again on another vehicle from the Beckham stable.

Despite retiring from football over two years ago, the style icon has lost little of his popularity. Last year Beckham finished second behind Prince Harry in a SEAT poll to find Britain's ideal car passenger.

Arwel Richards, CCA's classic car expert, calls Beckham's former Range Rover a "unique" investment opportunity.

He expects "great excitement" surrounding the sale, with celebrity-owned vehicles fetching far above the market value over recent months.

Mr Richards says that Beckham is probably among the world's most recognisable personalities and one of football's titans.

Warwickshire Exhibition centre is staging the auction.

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