Beckham: First kiss was in car park

A pub car park was the setting for the first kiss between David and Victoria Beckham, the footballer has revealed.

The couple were able to hide their relationship from the public for a few months before it was discovered they were together, the former England captain said.

He said: "The first three months were great, keeping it quiet wasn't easy, I wasn't as well known as her and having Posh Spice in your car is difficult.

"We had our first kiss in a pub near my mum's and I showed my boys the other day."

The secret was revealed while Beckham was taking questions from people across 19 different countries for an online interview with Gabby Logan.

He said his recent visit to British troops in Afghanistan was "life changing", saying: "You get to see stuff on tv, the bad parts when someone dies, this is what you hear but when you're there you see the hard work and what they do day in day out, it was 54 degrees and I was in a vest, they're in full body armour."

Beckham, who grew up in east London but now plays for Los Angeles Galaxy, admitted he missed pie and mash and English pubs but said he loved the weather in California.

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