Beatbox warning over electric cars

Beatbox warning over electric cars

A beatbox artist has provided a novel solution for campaigners concerned about the risks that 'silent' electric cars pose for pedestrians.

Shadow transport minister Richard Burden recently called for the compulsory fitting of sound generators, before electric and hybrid vehicles become more popular.

US research has suggested that some e-cars travelling slowly cannot be heard until they are only one second away from a pedestrian.

But now Volkswagen has brought its latest e-Up electric city car to the streets of Stockholm - equipped with hidden speakers, a microphone and beatbox performer, Fatih Sahin.

The result, which can beviewed online , is a metropolis vehicle that moves through the streets to whichever tune Sahin selects.

He turns his vocal chords to imitation engine noises, cheeky hellos to roadside women and a "reversing beep".

Titled The Streets Sound Different, the film is a tongue-in-cheek look at a way to enliven an all-electric future city scene.

Mr Burden warned silent e-cars present a danger to blind and partially-sighted pedestrians, children, autism sufferers, older people and cyclists.

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