Be prepared for winter breakdown

Warm clothes and an emergency breakdown pack are the Highways Agency's order of the day for drivers venturing out in freezing winter conditions.

The possible consequences of not planning ahead have been highlighted in a new campaign covering 115 motorway service areas across England.

It stresses that a few simple precautions can either lessen the consequences of getting stuck, or make sure that it does not happen in the first place.

The breakdown pack should include food and water, boots, de-icer and a torch - and a shovel to dig yourself out if heavy snow is forecast.

Research shows that most men would carry on with their journey regardless, while women are more likely to cancel their journey, particularly if they are travelling with children.

The agency was concerned to find that a third of drivers said that they would not make any checks to their vehicle before starting out.

Of the half who said they would carry on regardless, 15% said that they would take no extra items with them. The most popular item was de-icer or an ice scraper, while half would pack warm clothes.

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