BCA to 'spice up' Saturday sales

British Car Auctions is looking to make the experience of buying and selling cars a much more comfortable one for its private customers, it has been revealed.

The auction house will allow potential buyers to get a sneak peek of vehicles during a champagne preview on Friday, September 10, before the cars go on display at its Walsall centre. The string of Saturday sales will also guide new private vendors and purchasers on how to get the best deals and the most appropriate cars.

The BCA, which is more popular with dealers than individual sellers and buyers, hopes that these programmes will attract many private customers.

Tim Naylor, the public relations manager, BCA, said: "Some first-time auction-goers may find the process a little daunting"

"But the Friday evening preview at our Walsall Centre will make it easier than ever for private buyers to dip their toe into the world of car auctions and discover the sorts of great deals they may be able to find. The preview evening means buyers can come and browse the vehicles for sale, in a relaxed environment where they can get hands-on advice from our experts."

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